CALL FOR DISCUSSION: P450/bionet.molecules.p450

Eli Hestermann ehestermann at whoi.edu
Fri Nov 22 10:23:50 EST 1996

While reading through the proposed charter for the new group I noticed
that regulation of P450s will be discussed.  I am curious if this
extends to discussions of signalling molecules such as the aryl
hydrocarbon and glucocorticoid receptors.  I would be most interested in
such discussions, and they don't seem to have a home in the bionet
hierarchy yet.  I know such threads may become peripheral to P450s, but
that already seems to have been invited by including the Phase II
enzymes in the charter.
Eli V. Hestermann
ehestermann at whoi.edu
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Vita brevis est, ars longa" - Seneca

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