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Here is a message that was posted to the bionews forum that may be of
interest to toxicologists.

There is a proposal below for a new newsgroup,


Discussion on the following proposal will now be open through 1 Dec.
on BIOFORUM/bionet.general (*not* on BIONEWS/bionet.announce). For
those who are not on the BIOFORUM/bionet.general newsgroup currently,
either read bionet.general on USENET or contact one of the following
biosci addresses to sign up by e-mail:

Subscription Address Location
-------------------- --------
biosci at daresbury.ac.uk Europe, Africa, and Central Asia
biosci at net.bio.net Americas and the Pacific Rim

One warning, however: BIOFORUM/bionet.general is a "chatty" newsgroup
and many other items will be discussed there besides this newsgroup
proposal. USENET news access is definitely better than e-mail if you
want to monitor only this discussion.

Discussion Guidelines
Please do not post one-line messages saying things like "I am in favor
of such a newsgroup". We will collect votes later. The discussion
period is an opportunity for anyone to bring up reservations about the
proposed charter below and to propose modifications prior to the vote.
If the charter is perfect as is, then there is no need for anyone to
say anything!!!

The newsgroup discussion leader may submit a revised proposal in light
of the discussion, and the new charter would be included in the call
for votes which will go out on 2 December (Newsgroup Discussion
leaders - please note this deadline - if no revisions are received
before the deadline, the original charter will be voted on.).

Please be aware that only one vote is counted per e-mail address, so
it is necessary to have your own account in order to vote. Multiple
votes from the same address are not accepted. If you are interested
in the following newsgroup, but do not have an e-mail address of your
own, please obtain one from your computer center before the call for
votes is issued.

Proposal for P450/bionet.molecules.p450

USENET newsgroup name: bionet.molecules.p450

Status: Unmoderated

One line Description: Research on cytochrome P450

Mailing list name: P450

E-mail addresses: p450 at net.bio.net
p450 at daresbury.ac.uk

Discussion leader: Dr. A. Zimmerlin
Alfred.zimmerlin at fmi.ch

Newsgroup Charter:

bionet.molecules.p450 is a forum for scientific discussions and a
source of information for the community of biologists interested in any
aspect of cytochrome P450 research.

Functions of the newsgroup:

The newsgroup will facilitate rapid communication among research
scientists, educators and industries investigating cytochrome P450
function, structure, mechanism, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Formation of this newsgroup will provide :

- a forum for the discussion of ideas, problems, and recent
developments in the study of P450;

- a means of obtaining practical advice and answers to frequently
asked questions;

- a means of obtaining research protocols, strains, unique reagents
(e.g.inhibitors, substrates, antibodies, cDNA clones, primers and gene
sequences, DNA libraries, mutants, etc.);

- a means of developing collaborations between laboratories;

- a bulletin board for any announcements concerning meetings,
congresses, new informational databases, job offers, funding sources
of interest, etc., related to P450 research.

Discussion topics will include (among other more specific topics):

- substrates and inhibitors,
- marker activities,
- xenobiotic metabolism,
- physiological role,
- biosynthetic forms,
- extrahepatic forms,
- purification,
- antibodies and cross-reactivity
- isozyme profiling,
- drug interactions,
- reconstitution of activity,
- types of reactions,
- catalytic mechanism,
- regulation (hormone, age, gender, senescence, xenobiotics,...),
- crystallization and three-dimensional models,
- active site topology,
- model systems,
- cloning strategies,
- evolution and nomenclature,
- phylum specific P450s,
- genetic polymorphisms,
- protein-protein and lipid-protein interactions,
- posttranslational modification,
- heterologous expression.
- computer assisted "sequence-structure-function" relationships,
- prediction of drugs side and toxic effects,
- P450 resourses in the Internet.

Discussions on regulation and function of related enzyme systems such as
peroxidases, FMO's, GST's, UDPGT's, NAT's, etc., are welcome.

This news group will not be moderated (edited). Participants shall
adhere to the general regulations regarding posting to news groups: a)
individuals posting information to this forum should use proper
"netiquette", b) the forum is not intended to aid students with their
homework assignments, c) the forum is used only for non-commercial
purposes, d) individuals must avoid conflicts of interest when posting

Subscribers are welcome from universities or any academic institutions,
government agencies, medical institutions, and industrial or commercial
organizations. Contributions within the functions outlined above are

Dr. Alfred Zimmerlin
Ciba-Geigy AG
Drug Metabolism and Exploratory Toxicology
CH-4002 Basel
Tel: (41) 616963101
Fax: (41) 616966212

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