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 It's quite possible that a pesticide could have the 
>> same effect, though someone would have to have looked for it.
>if you wrote "possible" in MY n.g. you would be attacked!
>I also remember from a not so distant Toxicology lecture, something
>similiar, so I delved into my notes and Leonard's Fundamentals of
>Psycopharmacology(1992) and Timbrells "Principals of Biochemical
>n-methyl-4-phenyl-pyridinium, is the contaminate and the metabolite
>is the neurotoxin and destroys dopamine preoducing cells.  Leonard
>speculates that herbicides may produce the same symptoms.  I myself
>would go along with that and now I would sugges that metabolites in
>small concetration would cross blood brain barrier after
>biotransformation by Cyto. P450's on the endothelia cells. (haven't
>proof mind) 
+++++++++++++++++++++OHMYGOD, no proof!!! A thinking person!!>
except that Paraquat is a bipyridylium compound, toxic in the lung
>principally probably therfore metabolised similarly.
Never mind this pesticide rubbish, we need you over here, please!
I am an invader from the support for Attention Deficit Disorder
newsgroup.  I hate to interrupt and change the subject and all,
but there is a cold war going on and lotsa people are at odds with
one another. Could some of you, especially You,  please lurk and 
comment occasionally, e-mail me if you would rather.  It seems that
there is a group who rely essentially on stimulant medication for
relief of ADD  symptoms.  Then there is another group, more loosely
tied together that is more willing to look at alternative treatment.
What I see with the alternative tx. is that there is no documentation
that I can put my hands on. Some of it looks promising, and ties
loosely together with other theories.  Since I don't know where to
start, except that I made up a table with similarities etc.  I
don't know what to do next.  I'm not a scientist.  I am a nurse and
my child has ADD. 
>Ann Campbell

Back to you:

I've loads of ideas, but
>they fall on deaf ears here.

Maybe you have to tie it all together yourself, like I have to do
only I'm not the least bit prepared.  Good luck, and please stop
by alt.support.attn-deficit. Its a fustrating place, but I would like
to have some intelligent input.
>Christopher Hatton
>Institute for Neurobiology
>Is life just a game where we make up the rules while we are searching 
>for something to say, or are we just simply spirals of self
>(Monty Python- from the meaning of life).
>Please note that the above views are my own and not (just) those of

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