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Michel Assad assad at JUSTINE.UMontreal.CA
Wed Sep 4 12:31:54 EST 1996

Dear toxicologists, 

	Potential implantation biomaterials require biocompatibility testing
for approval. However, the choice of toxicology methods for their evaluation
requires preliminary considerations. For example, 2 materials may not be not
equally toxic given an identical environment.
	Factors responsible for this differential toxicity between 
biomaterials both at the in vitro and in vivo level are certainly the 
different physical states, solubilities, stabilities from one material to 
another. Biomaterials first differ from their physicochemical (intrinsic) 
properties and therefore need different vehicles and routes of 
administration. Biomaterials also differ from their absorption, 
biotransformation and elimination mechanisms extrinsic properties) they 

        I am looking for any pointers or other relevant factors 
implicated in this differential toxicity between biomaterials. Any help 
is welcome! Thanks in advance!
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