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Alec Powell asked:

>I wonder if anyone contributing to this newsgroup can help me?Over in
>uk.rec fishing we have been having a discussion on eels.(Freshwater
>variety (Anguilla Anguilla?).It has been suggested that the slime
>covering their bodies is highly toxic and is only rendered harmless by
>cooking.Can any of you learned types out there confirm this and possibly
>let me know of any areas of research that I can go to to find out more
>on the subject.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in
>Alec Powell: Alec at prole.demon.co.uk

I have found no referece to the slime of Anguilla and Mauraena being toxic.
However, there are reports of a toxic component in the blood from these
species. It is inactivated by heating to approximately 65 C. Symptoms of
intoxication include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, hypersalivation, cyanosis,
skin eruptions, weakness, paralysis and respiratory distress. The toxic
component is an irritant when applied topically. See FL Bryan in "Adverse
Reactions to Foods", JA Anderson and DN Sogn (eds) Washington, DC: US Dept.
of Health and Human Services, 1984.



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