Free Lab Animal Res. Equipm.Catalog

Jan Czekajewski 76220.1077 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Sep 17 00:28:32 EST 1996

New Catalog was published by Columbus Instruments which is 
now available free to all researchers who may have a need for 
following measurements:
Cardiac Output of rats and mice, Animal Activity, End Tidal CO2 
on rats and mice,Rotational Activity, Behavior in Mazes, Water 
Maze,Animal Ventilation and Respiration, Pyrogenic Activity 
measurements, VO2/VCO2 metabolism ( respirometery), Carbon 
Monoxide uptake in small animals for lung testing, Feeding and 
Drinking and more.
You may look at www.colinst.com to see if you will have 
an interest in it or you can e-mail your address to me or 
Columbus Instruments ( 75144.2413 at compuserve.com) and I will 
forward you a copy by snail mail( US Post). 

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