GET YOUR OWN ANONYMOUS EMAIL BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ben there bull at bbbn.com
Wed Sep 18 04:17:22 EST 1996

all know one of the best providers of this, anon at anon.penet.fi, just
discontinued its anonymous e-mail service. Many have done this recently.
The ones left are often so hard to use and set up, it takes a rocket
scientist to figure it out. Penet was not exactly easy. Well that's where
we come in. We offer an advanced anonymous mailing service, The way it
works is so secret that "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you".
I can tell you this much about it. Once we set you up with an account you
can send and receive e-mail all you want with the knowledge that your mail
never even goes onto your web server at all. You will have an off site
e-mail box that handles your messages. The site where your email is handled
does not even know who you are. we don't want to know who you are. Not even
when setting up your box. Not only that. When logging on to this web site,
you will have already gone through channels that strip your identity away
before logging on to the site. After all, how can anyone know who you are
when there are no trails back to you.                                      
This has nothing to do with your present email provider. Your mail you
receive on this account, never  goes too your present email site. You do
not even use your present email software to retrieve your mail. You will
simply use your present web browser ( like Netscape or Microsoft Internet
Explorer ) to connect to a web site based email site. You will then do your
email send and receiving , right there on the site. You will have of
course, already gone through an undisclosed path to the site.

Here is the beauty of our service. We provide you with easy. Did I say
easy!!!!!!! Yes an easy anonymous web presence that until now has been a
nightmare. Have you ever tried setting up your own anonymous email before.
I've been ready to trough my computer trough the wall several times. It is
certainly not easy for most people to get it right. All the work will be
done for you. When we set you up you will be sent a link that will take you
through the whole complicated trail. You can simply double click on a
desktop icon or put the path in your bookmarks or favorites. You connect
right to the site, where you are asked for your nickname and password. Then
you are in. You compose and send email right there on a very easy to use
web page.

Now I am going to say something that is said to often, but it definitely
applies in this case. This is so easy to use that a 5 year old can do it. I
know because I showed my little boy how. Within 10 minutes he could log on
a nickname and password and could have composed his on mail, if he had
known how to read and right. It is really that simple. No more "enon-x "
this, and "enon-send" that. I never could get all that crap right.         
                              The best is that you can rest freely in the
knowledge that some busy body is not tracing your activities back to your
server, where it is very easy to identify your identity. Unfortunately most
people do not realize just how easy it is to identify you, with the present
system of anonymizers. If you send and receive email on your service
providers system, then you can be traced. Unfortunately some extreme
examples of this have occurred in China, where people have actually lost
there life in a struggle to gain a democracy there. They thought they were
safe  using the anonymous sites out there. That cannot happen with this
service, because no one can just walk in and seize the records of the users
names on the system. There are no real ones the way i will set it up for
you. This happened at anon.penet.fi at least twice, as I understand it. 

You might wonder if this Email service supports file transfer. You bet it
does. If your Web browser supports the attachment of documents and files
(e.g. Netscape Navigator 2.0 and later or Mirosoft Internet Explorer), you
can send them. Due to limitations of bandwidth requirement to send and
receive documents, only one attachment can be sent with each Email message.
You may also receive attachments sent to your account. They show up as
downloadable hotlinks which can be downloaded to your personal computer by
clicking on them. Gif images are automatically deciphered by the system and
displayed in the browser window.

So what are you waiting for. All the cost to you is our processing fee of
$29.95. That is it. All the free email you want to send from then on. It is
possible to do this do to the fact that the web site is advertiser
supported, as are others popular sites, you see on the Web. Just send a
money order or cashiers check made out to:

                                                Richard Watkins
                                                300 Rustic Hills
                                                Royal, AR. 71968

Let me know by Email as soon as you decide, so I can be processing your
account. This is not needed, but we can have you up and running sooner. We
can then Email you with your Email address and password. Note you can
change the password once you log on. We need to know what NICKNAME you
would like. Please give us several choices, as many are already taken. We
might have to add a number to the end. Such as:   foxygirl22    Your
nickname may be up to a total of 12 letters and numbers.

                                          email it to : rwwatkin at cswnet.com

Please label subject line of email to us as:   new email cust

Please make note that I am also trying to put together an anonymous snail
mail service, for those that wish to send letters and packages. I aready
have it about worked out. If you would be interested in this, please email
me for more information as it comes to be.

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