Can anything survive in a chlorinated pool?

tom c. cigolott at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Sep 18 15:53:10 EST 1996

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(Peter)16 Sep 1996 07:49:02 -0700 writes:
]Our 3yr old boy has had 3 lots of tonsillitis, all within a 2 month
]As antibiotics appear to have worked each time within 5 days or so,
]the cause would appear to be a bacterium rather than a virus.
]We have a domestic swimming pool, correctly chlorinated, temp about
]27-28C, and each illness started within 1-2 days of him having a
]splash in the pool.
]Is it possible for something in the pool to be causing this? I could
]"try it" for a 4th time, but he really suffers and it looks like there
]is a good correlation. However, I use the pool a lot, with no ill
]effects. I can drain the pool but don't want to do it unnecessarily as
]it costs about $300 in water to refill.
]Any feedback is much appreciated. Please copy reply by e-mail. Thank

Well....there is an easy test

-keep him out of the pool and see if he still gets the infection

That hot temperature could lower the effectiveness of the

-he may be doing something related to using the pool....

you could try super chlorinating the pool periodically

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