Can anything survive in a chlorinated pool?

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I agree so far with the advice given you.  You might check with your 
pediatrician.  Tonsillitis, as I understand it is an inflammation of 
the tonsil, which gets sufficiently large to be noticed clinically.  
The original problem may be remote to the pool, and the pool 
may be predisposing it, by letting the child get too tired.  If this 
were the case, for example, pulling the child from the pool would 
have a positive effect.  After you had drained the pool and the child 
reentered and got tired, the tonsillitis would kick up again.

Alternatively, the tonsillitis may have developed to the point where 
it is continually expressing itself clinically.  If, for example this 
were the case, the suggestion to pull the child from using the pool 
would have little effect.  

If the temperature is reducing the effect of chlorination, removing 
the child from the pool could have a positive effect.  
Superchlorination would help in this case, and is used in public 

If the child is doing something related to the pool, like catching a 
fungus or bacterial disease when dressing, in a contaminated dressing 
room (unlikely, but the best I could think of), stopping the activity 
will have a positive effect, but cleaning the pool would not keep 
this from reoccurring when the chain of events are set into motion.


John A. Pickrell
Comparative Toxicology
Kansas State University

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scanner at dial.pipex.com (Peter)16 Sep 1996 07:49:02 -0700 writes:
]Our 3yr old boy has had 3 lots of tonsillitis, all within a 2 month
]As antibiotics appear to have worked each time within 5 days or so,
]the cause would appear to be a bacterium rather than a virus.
]We have a domestic swimming pool, correctly chlorinated, temp about
]27-28C, and each illness started within 1-2 days of him having a
]splash in the pool.
]Is it possible for something in the pool to be causing this? I could
]"try it" for a 4th time, but he really suffers and it looks like there
]is a good correlation. However, I use the pool a lot, with no ill
]effects. I can drain the pool but don't want to do it unnecessarily as
]it costs about $300 in water to refill.
]Any feedback is much appreciated. Please copy reply by e-mail. Thank

Well....there is an easy test

-keep him out of the pool and see if he still gets the infection

That hot temperature could lower the effectiveness of the

-he may be doing something related to using the pool....

you could try super chlorinating the pool periodically

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