CYP7B in hippocampus

Eva eva.hedlund at mednut.ki.se
Tue Apr 1 17:22:08 EST 1997

Hi all, 
I bumped into your conversation about CYP7B, which I find very interesting,
as it is one
of the few P450s that are most abundantly expressed in the brain (and not
in the liver).
As it is, I have one question, that is if CYP7B is known to be able to 
hydroxylate cholesterole (like CYP7A), and if so, is it to such an extent
that it 
would be of any physiological role.
Thankful for an answer


Eva Hedlund
Dept. of Medical Nutrition
Karolinska Institute
F60 Novum
Huddinge, Sweden

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