CYP7B in hippocampus

Christopher Hatton Hatton at ifn-magdeburg.de
Wed Apr 2 04:18:45 EST 1997

Eva wrote:
> Hi all,
> I bumped into your conversation about CYP7B, which I find very interesting,
> as it is one
> of the few P450s that are most abundantly expressed in the brain (and not
> in the liver).
> As it is, I have one question, that is if CYP7B is known to be able to
> hydroxylate cholesterole (like CYP7A), and if so, is it to such an extent
> that it
> would be of any physiological role.
> Thankful for an answer
> Eva
> Eva Hedlund
> Dept. of Medical Nutrition
> Karolinska Institute
> F60 Novum
> Huddinge, Sweden

Eva, this is my question also, I'm wondering if its involved in
corticosteroid control which might also be of interest to nutrionlists,
but also possible a possible neuroprotective affect against Ischaemia. 
However I keep drawing blanks, it seems that this and other newsgroups
don't have the readers we need to answer our questions.

(ofcourse anyone wishing to comment or throw in a hypothesis is more
than welcome)

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