Nitrate Pollution In Groundwater-Gaza Strip

Mohammad R. Alagha mralagha at iugaza.edu
Sun Apr 6 08:50:44 EST 1997

Groundwater is the only source of drinking in the Gaza Strip. The 
population of the area is estimated to be 1,000,000 people in 1997. They 
live in an area of 360 square km.

Groundwater crisis in Gaza includes two major folds: shortage and 

Nitrate is the major contaminant of water in Gaza Strip. Very few wells 
are reported to be nitrate free. More than 80%  of the wells which are 
used for domestic purposes were reported to be of high pollution risk. In 
some areas e.g. Khanyounis city in the south of the strip, nitrate 
showed very high concentarion (600 ppm). 

Advices and suggestions to solve the problem are very much welcomed:

Thanks in advance:


Dr Mohammad Al-Agha
Dept of Environment and Earth Sceince
Islamic Univresioty
Gaza, PO Box 108
Gaza Strip

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