Nitrate Pollution In Groundwater-Gaza Strip

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Mon Apr 7 07:17:54 EST 1997

At 03:36 PM 4/6/97 +0200, Mohammad R. Alagha wrote:
>Groundwater is the only source of drinking in the Gaza Strip.  ......
>Nitrate is the major contaminant of water in Gaza Strip. .....
>Advices and suggestions to solve the problem are very much welcomed:
>Thanks in advance:
>Dr Mohammad Al-Agha
>Dept of Environment and Earth Sceince
>Islamic Univresioty
>Gaza, PO Box 108
>Gaza Strip


This is not my field, however, I am aware that the area around Lancaster Pennsylvania, USA, which has been intensively cultivated for many years,  has had problems with nitrate contamination.  Someone in the local health Department or state environmental protection agency may have some information you can use.  

My guess is that if the problem is due to long-term use of nitrate fertilizers, it may prove extremely difficult to remediate. 



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