Nitrate in wells - Constructed Wetlands?

Elizabeth Winter ewinter at newmex.com
Mon Apr 7 07:33:44 EST 1997

Hello ground water/ground-water/groundwater experts and others:

It looks like I'm about to have a crash course in constructed wetlands this
year.  Could the following scenario (nitrate contamination of drinking water
wells, RFI quoted below) benefit from constructed/restored wetlands
treatment?  And, could those of you who respond(ed) regarding the
nitrate-in-wells problem please send me a cc: as well?

Thanks in advance,

Elizabeth Winter
Taos, NM
ewinter at taos.newmex.com

At 03:36 PM 6/4/97 +0200, Mohammad R. Alagha wrote:
>Groundwater is the only source of drinking in the Gaza Strip. The 
>population of the area is estimated to be 1,000,000 people in 1997. They 
>live in an area of 360 square km.
>Groundwater crisis in Gaza includes two major folds: shortage and 
>Nitrate is the major contaminant of water in Gaza Strip. Very few wells 
>are reported to be nitrate free. More than 80%  of the wells which are 
>used for domestic purposes were reported to be of high pollution risk. In 
>some areas e.g. Khanyounis city in the south of the strip, nitrate 
>showed very high concentarion (600 ppm). 
>Advices and suggestions to solve the problem are very much welcomed:
>Thanks in advance:
>Dr Mohammad Al-Agha
>Dept of Environment and Earth Sceince
>Islamic Univresioty
>Gaza, PO Box 108
>Gaza Strip
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Elizabeth Winter	ewinter at taos.newmex.com
Taos, NM

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