Nitrate Pollution In Groundwater-Gaza Strip

Rodney Ruskin rodney at pop.slip.net
Tue Apr 8 14:22:58 EST 1997

At 03:36 PM 4/6/97 +0200, Mohammad R. Alagha wrote:
>Groundwater is the only source of drinking in the Gaza Strip. The 
>population of the area is estimated to be 1,000,000 people in 1997. They 
>live in an area of 360 square km.
>Groundwater crisis in Gaza includes two major folds: shortage and 
>Nitrate is the major contaminant of water in Gaza Strip. Very few wells 
>are reported to be nitrate free. More than 80%  of the wells which are 
>used for domestic purposes were reported to be of high pollution risk. In 
>some areas e.g. Khanyounis city in the south of the strip, nitrate 
>showed very high concentarion (600 ppm). 
>Advices and suggestions to solve the problem are very much welcomed:
>Thanks in advance:
>Dr Mohammad Al-Agha
>Dept of Environment and Earth Sceince
>Islamic Univresioty
>Gaza, PO Box 108
>Gaza Strip

If the source of the pollution is sewage either from a treatment plant or
from individual septic tanks or cess-pits I believe that the technique of
disposal and reuse by means of subsurface drip irrigation may be useful for
you.  It is not essentially cheap but it is very much lower in cost than
tertiary treatment of the sewage. If you have sandy soils, as I suspect,
this can be a very practical solution.
I suggest that you check our web site at http://www.rootguard-geoflow.com
which has a lot of technical information.
We do have an Israeli licensee who is listed on our web-site.  They are very
new in this wastewater disposal and reuse technology so we would be pleased
to work directly with you on the technical deliberations and have them
supply you because that would be much cheaper than importing from the U.S.
or Spain. If you like what you see on the web site please contact me directly.

Rodney Ruskin
geoflow1 at slip.net

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