CYP7B in hippocampus

Chris Evelo C.Evelo at Farmaco.UniMaas.nl
Fri Apr 11 06:31:24 EST 1997

Christopher Hatton wrote:
> Eva, this is my question also, I'm wondering if its involved in
> corticosteroid control which might also be of interest to nutrionlists,
> but also possible a possible neuroprotective affect against Ischaemia.
> However I keep drawing blanks, it seems that this and other newsgroups
> don't have the readers we need to answer our questions.
> (ofcourse anyone wishing to comment or throw in a hypothesis is more
> than welcome)
> Christopher Hatton
> BL- Institut für Neurobiologie
> Abteilung Neurophysiologie
> PSF 1860
> D-39008 Magdeburg
> Germany
> --

What would the mechanism for such a neuroprotective effect be?

    Chris Evelo

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