I want the experimental design of your publications!!!

SAITANIS ksai at matrix.kapatel.gr
Tue Apr 15 12:11:07 EST 1997

Hello everybody
   I am writing a book on the field of Biometry and Experimental Design and
I need examples to include from any field of science. I am looking for
references to published experiments utilizing well defined experimental
designs i.e.:
completely random designs, randomized complete blocks, Latin square,
factorial experiments using these designs, split plots, split blocks, and
analysis of covariance experiments.

Please, e-mail me an 10-15 description of your experimental design as well
as a bibliographic reference to your article (Author, title, journal, page,

Proper citation and acknowledgment will be given to all examples used.
Thanks for your help
Constantinos Saitanis
ksai at matrix.kapatel.gr

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