Liver cell separation

Michael Sjögren m3-011 at utbildningsgruppen.se
Wed Apr 16 06:39:57 EST 1997

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>Hello Everyone,
>Does anyone in this group know an efficient method to obtain the different
>cells that make up the liver, such as hepatocytes, lipocytes, kupfer
>cells, etc.  Please let me know.
>Thanks in advance. 
>Manjunath N.Rao
Hi. I think it is an interresting topic in view of characterising cell 
type specific genetic damage. One method could be to hierarchically sort cells 
through flow cytometry (Facs). This however requires that easily 
detectable selective markers can be used for each cell type. It also requires 
much work, since there could be overlaps between individual markers.
I would be interrested in comments about this approach too.

Kind regards
Michael Sjögren, PhD toxicology

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