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The Waste subscription list is proposed to provide a forum for
scientific discussion on the one hand by people who are interested in
the effects which their wastes can take on our natural environment
(soil, water, air and the seas) and on the other hand by people who try
to reduce wastes, which are involved with collecting, fractioning,
dumping, conditioning and recycling wastes or people which treat them,
so that they can reused for a different purpose.

Specific topics may include but are not limited to:
+ the many different types of wastes and their effection on the
ecosystems in the soil, the rivers, the atmosphere and the seas and
+ industrial and municipal solid waste (domestic refuse)
+ dumping (nowadays or in the past) of toxic wastes in landfill sites
+ sealing and watertighten of landfill sites and underground dumping
+ different world-wide skills and techniques of waste reduction in the
production-process, of processing, treating, recycling and reusing
wastes and other waste management methods
+ environmental impact of waste treating plants and landfill sites
+ pros and cons of waste incineration and the rank of its spent air
+ waste-to-energy
+ specific problems of transport of hazardous wastes on land, air and
+ pacticable collection systems
+ wastewater and sludges use, composting
+ reuse of tyres, waste-paper, packings, etc.
+ hazards of waste batteries, neon tubes, refrigerator-liquid,
synthetics, etc.
+ greenhouse gases

You can subscribe to the list on the follwoing URL:
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The waste-newsgroup has the same charter as for the WASTE mailing list
and will be gatewayed by the WASTE mailing list.

Mag. Wolfgang Bujatti
Federal Ministry of Environment, Jouth and Family of Austria,
Division III - Waste Management
mailto:wolfgang.bujatti at bmu.gv.at


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