Altered food - why?

weck at rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de weck at rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de
Wed Apr 23 14:10:54 EST 1997

Why do we discuss the need of genetically altered food?
Is there anybody who thinks that we realy need it?

I'm not talkin' to those people who transport tomatoes - who produce corn in 
high quantities - a.s.o. they will answer - YES!
But the others who want tasty food - well on a simple hamburger it does not 
matter where MR BURGER got his tomatoes from - but in italian kitchen it is more 
difficult to get the wright thing - ever tried ?

In thousands of years of co-evolution wo+man and food developed
to the very best co-existing system! 
For those who didn't know :
But millions of people suffer from hunger - millions of children die of hunger.
They are NOT working on GEN-TECHNOLOGY and they do not die because they didn't 
get their genetically manipulated WONDER-meal!

There is NO HOPE for these people in genetically altered food.
Genetically altered food has been DESIGNED to use existing herbicids and 
insecticids (and other killing additives) in industrial agriculture more freely!

So we have nice plants resistant against herbicids so that the farmer can spray 
much more poisson on his corn field than he did before (Don't worry your 
genetically wonder corn will resist all the poisson - those eatin' the crob 
The harvest will be enormous and the meat production will be much cheaper 
because corn will be cheaper too. 

What is all this stuff for? Why does nobody want to enable the underdeveloped 
countries to produce food for men and beast on their own?
It is only the mighty 'white' man (wearing white clothes in the lab) being so 
clever - having all this technology to produce the GOOD things.

IMHO there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to produce genetically altered food!
The problems of humanity in this fading century will not be solved by this 
method but many unknown dangers MAY (I said MAY!) occur and billards of $$ will 
be wasted on sophisticated techniques nobody realy needs. 
Even if genetics tell us the opposite why are they so sure? 
- They are all looking for grants and they believe in technology - just like 
those people who build the atomic bombs (but they even believed in god - crazy).

So here I wait for the one telling me how wrong I am!

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