Microtox or LUMIStox luminescent bacteria test

Frank Zegers fja.zegers at tip.nl
Thu Apr 24 15:10:51 EST 1997

I'm searching for people with experience in using photobacterium
phosphoreum for toxicity tests. There are two commercial systems available.
For the USA the Microtox system is common standard. For Europe both systems
are known.

I can give you information about the following topics:

- Lumiscent bacteria for toxicity measurement in

* groundwater
* wastewater
* coolingwater
* products for off shore oil plants
* soil
* etc

I'm searching for experiments with lumiscent bacteria to examine toxicity

- food (poison detection)
- drinking water (poison detection)

We are starting a serious project in the Netherlands in the near future. If
you are interested in the results ore if you are interested to join us in
this experiment please send me an e-mail. 

fja.zegers at tip.nl


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