Joseph Grossman jgrossma at njmsa.UMDNJ.EDU
Mon Apr 28 18:40:52 EST 1997

In article <5jtnht$4mi at news.ww.co.nz> molab at ww.co.nz (R Molony) writes:
>All the literature I have seen suggests that just about all the
>nutritional properties attributed to silicon could be accounted for 
>by the detoxification of aluminium by silicon. The increased 
>availability of phosphate in the soil associated with soluble 
>silicon is another example albeit in a slightly different area.
>Detoxification of aluminium may well be a good reason to 
>include soluble silicon in the diet.

Just out of curiousity, where in the heck would you find soluble
silicon in your diet?  In the silicon dioxide in Kool Aid?

	-Joe G

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