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> In article <5jtnht$4mi at news.ww.co.nz> molab at ww.co.nz (R Molony) writes:
> >
> >All the literature I have seen suggests that just about all the
> >nutritional properties attributed to silicon could be accounted for 
> >by the detoxification of aluminium by silicon. The increased 
> >availability of phosphate in the soil associated with soluble 
> >silicon is another example albeit in a slightly different area.
> >Detoxification of aluminium may well be a good reason to 
> >include soluble silicon in the diet.
May I suggest you are a little bit short...
even if this is a _good_ starting point.

As you may know, alumin(i)um toxicity has been involved
in (pre-)senile dementia (Alzheimer and the like, trisomia,...).

This had been first strongly suggested by a study with 
patients under renal dialysis. Some quite young patient 
developped real fast dementia (matter of months). This
has been uninequivocally linked to the alumin(i)um content
of water dialysis bath, and the take of alumin(i)um salts
for digestive problems.
I'm particularly proud to say that this has been done in most part
in Rennes (Britanny in France),  where I studied Medicine
sometimes ago (I must cite Angers too).

This has been confirmed by epidemiological studies
in England ( if I'm right), then in France (Paquid cohort).
They showed a clear relationship between the level of alumin(i)um
in drinking water and the incidence of Alzheimer dis.
With a slight protective effect of Silicon around 10 mg/ml.
The curve of protection is quite strange.
(I have an idea of the why, it's too early to speak about)

An other argument is the ratio Si/Al in cerebral tissue
compared to other tissue : strikingly different.
(even if a the data are well hidden in the veterinarian litterature.
I want to thank here the Library of Maisons-Alfort (École Vétérinaire
near Paris).

I know a smart guy, maybe two,
who have _good_ reason to think,
that silicon would be of use in dementia diseases,
One of them is well hidden between Nice and Marseilles,
in the perfume zone...
He did some interesting experiments in his kitchen !

As food is the first of our medicine (Hippocratus of Cos precept).
Neither well teached nor emphasized enough nowadays.

He get burned a couple of times.
As I get too, since that stuff is hot dynamite.
(kind of "Salaire de la Peur" movie with Yves Montand acting
for those who like cinema with strong message)
Be careful with that Axe, Eugene... (P. F.)
Slowly zeroing up.

In France, the setup of new food recipes is done in a 'labo'
not a kitchen... Accessories not much different.

> Just out of curiousity, where in the heck would you find soluble
> silicon in your diet?  In the silicon dioxide in Kool Aid?

> 	-Joe G

I can't detail here.
But solubility is not the answer 
since biodisponibility is the problem.

the _best_ review I know is written in french. 
Your fortune may depend ... 
but you, american from U.S., have the odds against you.
How many (and % of) educated people
 in your scientific Universities and Institutes 
or Hi-Tech Companies
know  reasonably useful french ?  (I mean the language !).

This study has been done by two researchers from Bordeaux and Paris
(these two cities, with Lyon and Angers, have been historically the
source of most knowledge on organic silicon in France).
Principal conclusion : not all 'silicon' were born equal.
                                           (= s[c]illy c[l]o[w]n[e] ?)

Joseph, I would be pleased to communicate
the article reference to you, if you feel sporty enough
to ingurgitate such a paper (quite long).
(paper contains silicon... not really metabolisable).

For assimilation, you can ask a little help from our mutual cousins, 
I mean the Canadians. (Sweet revenge)

Hello Cousins !

Went four times out there :
   East and West (not yet North) and I've been delighted.

Except (not really !) in Vancouver almost getting a ticket
for speeding at 40 kph (25 mpg instead of 15) !
What the hell was doing there (a park in town) 
a stupid froggy inattentive to gentle squirrels,
in a Datsun, Maryland's immatriculated,
with an american driver's licence,
attacked by a sudden and serious restriction of vocabulary
of the Shakespeare 'tongue', with a 'to cut with a knife' 
frightful accent (accent à couper au couteau).
         and by a radar-gunned cop who finally considered
it was time for his Good Action of the Day
(B.A. as we say in french), taking wisely into account
 the most basic and most useful principle of Sir Baden-Powell?

J'en ris encore. Still laughing.

In fact, I'm considering seriously emigrating to Canada, 
(or New Zealand may be), if my administrative situation
doesn't evolve  soon. 
(No a blame on Administration in general)
Kind of Gordian knot.

Who has a Durandal ?


P.S : I realize that to read my post, most of you
will need an atlas !!! 
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