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> Just out of curiousity, where in the heck would you find soluble
> silicon in your diet?  In the silicon dioxide in Kool Aid?
> 	-Joe G

Best source is beer which averages 1.2 mg/gram.  Deep well water (high
mineral content) will also be very high in silicon (one health benefit of
drinking hard water).  American intake ranges from 21 to 46 mg per day,
mainly from beverages.  The silicates in plant material are poorly absorbed
(unless fermented as is the case for beer and wine).

There is no RDA for silicon and it's only known role in the human body is
purely structural (not used by any enzymes).  It helps keep elastin elastic
(helps keep the arterial system pliable).  This may help to prevent an
increase in blood pressure as part of the aging process.

Marty B.

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