root canal powder toxicity

Ben McNichols jmcnic at midstate.tds.net
Wed Aug 13 18:13:39 EST 1997

I'm interested in information regarding an old dental product used in
root canal procedures. The product was called RC-2B formula powder- the
contents include the following:
4 % Titanium dioxide
6.5% Paraformaldehyde
9% Bismuth subcarbonate
0.09% Phenylmercuric borate
61% Zinc oxide
3% Barium sulfate
4% Bismuth subnitrate
11% Lead tetroxide
1.2% Hydrocortisone
0.21% Prednisolone

I'm interested in knowing the possible adverse effects associated with
the use of this formula.
Please e-mail any information regarding this. Thank you.

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