Help. Any info on Mercury poisoning or Magnesium deficiency in pregnancy

Picton Howell all at pictonhowell.com
Tue Aug 19 13:33:09 EST 1997

Any info on the effects of mercury poisoning during pregnancy, and
resulting magnesium deficiency in the new-born child.

We have heard that mercury tooth fillings can cause poisoning during
pregnancy and subsequent damage to the child resulting from magnesium

The symptoms suffered by the child are:

blindness (although no apparent damage to the eyes or optical nerves)

motor deficiency (limited control over limbs, and unable to hold head
upright at 10 months old).

retarded growth.   

Also severe eczema, and deformed feet, which may or may not be connected.

We have a hunch that these may result from mercury poisoning from a lost
filling during pregnancy, but any other explanations for these symptoms
would be of interest.

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