LETHAL R-134a concentrations from evaporator failure

Marc O'Brien Mlobrien at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 2 05:29:47 EST 1997

	Been getting worse but started about 5 years ago. My heart has
acquired a funny rhythm. It started off with me having the occasional
painless sensation of what I might describe as a baby frog in the
left of my chest making the odd kick. I stress there is absolutely no
pain. These recent months my heart sounds and feels like this
UM..ba-dum..ba-dum. Feeling my pulse the only evidence of all this is
the frequent but infrequent, if you know what I mean, seemingly
skipped beat i.e. thump..thump..thump..........THUMP..thump..etc.

	This irregularity only really occurs in the evening when I'm relaxed
and perhaps more so after a meal. I will add that I have put on about
30Kg since I came to the UK from South Africa 4 years. If I have a
beer or do some exercise then all is okay i.e. no irregularities

	Yes, there have been occasions in the distant past when I've done
gas welding in the presence of freon contaminated atmospheres
inhaling acidy burnt freon by-products.

	My thoughts are too lose weight and get fit before going to a Doc
and asking for a pace maker although I might want to do that back in
South Africa rather, the UK medical services don't exactly inspire
confidence a bit like their sport.

	Any comments or heart doners?

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