Brass poisoning

Chris Evelo C.Evelo at Farmaco.UniMaas.nl
Tue Dec 2 06:00:36 EST 1997

Dwight Hall wrote:
> On the newsgroup where I spend my time, there has been considerable
> debate about whether trumpet and other brass instrument players are at
> risk from brass poisoning. Some feel it its an allergic/sensitivity
> reaction to nickel or lead present in trace amounts in brass. Some say
> it is a danger only from bare brass mouthpieces (they are normally
> silver plated). Others believe it can come in through the hands from a
> bare instrument. One major manufacturer now refuses to sell bare brass
> instruments (almost all are either lacquered brass or silver plated) for
> fear of a customer getting brass poisoning. Some pro players use
> unlacquered brass because they believe they get a "brighter" sound. I'd
> appreciate a reference - on the net if possible, but I can get access to
> a medical library. E-mail is fine so you don't clog up your newsgroup.
> Thanks
> Dwight Hall
> Denver, CO

Nickel is well known as an agent that often causes allergic reactions.
Bad qualitity ornaments, jeans buttons and scissors are among the main
factors that cause nickel allergy. Silver plating should help, lacquered
brass might also help.

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