Automate Your Gene Tox Assays!

Yoroya yoroya at aol.com
Wed Dec 10 00:07:30 EST 1997

Dear Genetic Toxicologist:

	Automating your regulatory required genetic toxicity will allow your gene tox
lab to test more compounds or articles without having to hire more people.  We
here at Loats Associates offer automated systems for the micronucleus,
metaphase-finding (chromosome aberration), comet (single-cell gel
electrophoresis), mouse lymphoma, and Ames assays.  Though our systems
represent a significant capital equipment investment, our systems virtually pay
for themselves in a very short time due to the tremendous throughput and
manpower savings they will give your gene tox lab.  Visit our "URL" on the
Internet to learn more or contact me directly.  I look forward to helping you
make your gene tox lab more productive and profitable very soon.

Robert L. Hummel       Tel: 410-876-8055
Sales and Marketing     E-mail: loats at loats.com
Loats Associates, Inc.   URL: http://www.loats.com 

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