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Chris Evelo C.Evelo at Farmaco.UniMaas.nl
Thu Dec 11 08:41:10 EST 1997

Paul-Didrik Hoff Roland wrote:
> I am a pharmacy graduate student working on my thesis, which is titled:
> "Toxicological resources on the Internet, validation of them and the
> possibility of using them to update hospital antidote lists".
> In this work I will need to find antidote lists on the Internet (as well
> as other toxicological resources), and hope by this to get some help as to
> location(s).
> So, if you know of any resources that may be of value to my work, I will
> be most grateful if you would notify me.=20

You could try the pages of our Toxicology Section:

I would like to hear your opinion on those, and any valuable additions
you might encounter.
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