req: nicotine info/alt rat poison

Rev Chuck cdu.b at erolls.com
Thu Dec 18 04:18:13 EST 1997

Uncle Al wrote:
> Karl Magdsick wrote:
> >
> > Now that winter has decended on new england, the mice are comming indoors.
> > It seems that I am never able to set the traps enough askew that the very
> > small mice I have set it off.  I'm using the smallest victor traps made.
> >         Hereing the mice in the walls at night sets my mind working.  I don't want
> > to use poison because the mice crawl away and die in the walls after a few
> > days.  They will rot and create quite a stink.  I seem to remember hearing
> > that nicotine is fairly toxic.  I assume death is by anurism or cardiac
> > arrest.  How long does it take for an accute overdose of nicotine to kill?
> > I could look up the oral LD50 of nicotine in mice, but this gives me little
> > help in my situation.  How can I estimate the dose requred give, say a 90%
> > mortality rate within 30 minutes?
> [technical bloviation snip]
> If you have a mouse problem and you don't want poisoned vermin dying in
> your walls, you don't use spring traps or chemicals, you get a ball
> bearing mouse trap.  The things are fantastic!  Silent, deadly,
> effective, no little bodies left lying about.
> Ours is a Ruddy Abyssinian tom named Flash.
> --

Is your "ball bearing mousetrap" an outdoor cat?

Well, I hate to say it, but a lot of those mice were probably brought IN 
by your cat.  They don't kill them immediately.  They bring them back to 
their territory before settling down to a 20 minute "play" session followed 
by a crushing bite to the throat.  Some of the mice escape in this course.  

No bodies in the front yard, either?  One three-year old (and slightly 
psychotic) cat can turn ground under the hedges into a Khmer-Rouge style 
killing field by August latest.  Guess I'll take your word for it.

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