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Rev Chuck wrote:
> Uncle Al wrote:
> >
> > Karl Magdsick wrote:
> > >
> > > Now that winter has decended on new england, the mice are comming indoors.
> > > It seems that I am never able to set the traps enough askew that the very
> > > small mice I have set it off.  I'm using the smallest victor traps made.
> > >         Hereing the mice in the walls at night sets my mind working.  I don't want
> > > to use poison because the mice crawl away and die in the walls after a few
> > > days.  They will rot and create quite a stink.  I seem to remember hearing
> > > that nicotine is fairly toxic.  I assume death is by anurism or cardiac
> > > arrest.  How long does it take for an accute overdose of nicotine to kill?
> > > I could look up the oral LD50 of nicotine in mice, but this gives me little
> > > help in my situation.  How can I estimate the dose requred give, say a 90%
> > > mortality rate within 30 minutes?
> >
> > [technical bloviation snip]
> >
> > If you have a mouse problem and you don't want poisoned vermin dying in
> > your walls, you don't use spring traps or chemicals, you get a ball
> > bearing mouse trap.  The things are fantastic!  Silent, deadly,
> > effective, no little bodies left lying about.
> >
> > Ours is a Ruddy Abyssinian tom named Flash.
> >
> > --
> Is your "ball bearing mousetrap" an outdoor cat?
> Well, I hate to say it, but a lot of those mice were probably brought IN
> by your cat.  They don't kill them immediately.  They bring them back to
> their territory before settling down to a 20 minute "play" session followed
> by a crushing bite to the throat.  Some of the mice escape in this course.
> No bodies in the front yard, either?  One three-year old (and slightly
> psychotic) cat can turn ground under the hedges into a Khmer-Rouge style
> killing field by August latest.  Guess I'll take your word for it.

Flash is especially fond of pocket gophers.  He can get a rollicking
half hour out of them before they break.  Mouse dispatch is typically
dislocation of cervical vertebra by a deftly inserted fang.  Bigger
stuff like rabbits gets chased down (out of breath) then throat clamped.

Of course, cats are familiars of the Devil.  The One True Church
published an extensive series of tracts supporting the extermination of
cats and the inerrantly mandated nurturance of cute little rats and mice
in the 1300s.  The population, stirred by priestly compassion, almost
succeed in ridding Europe of the Old Nick's scourge.  They also
encouraged ecological diversity of the heretofore fragile and endangered
Yersinia pestis.  Yea God!

Got a rat?  Get a cat.  Splat.

Uncle Al Schwartz
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