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Rev Chuck cdu.b at erolls.com
Thu Dec 18 16:01:23 EST 1997

Uncle Al wrote:
> Flash is especially fond of pocket gophers.  He can get a rollicking
> half hour out of them before they break.  Mouse dispatch is typically
> dislocation of cervical vertebra by a deftly inserted fang.  Bigger
> stuff like rabbits gets chased down (out of breath) then throat clamped.

Which would account why you find so many neatly decapitated corpses.  First 
taste of blood comes after the fang penetrates the squeaking voicebox.  Are 
cats' senses more attuned to physical vibrations?  That would explain another 
big feline mystery.

> Of course, cats are familiars of the Devil.  


> The One True Church
> published an extensive series of tracts supporting the extermination of
> cats and the inerrantly mandated nurturance of cute little rats and mice
> in the 1300s.  The population, stirred by priestly compassion, almost
> succeed in ridding Europe of the Old Nick's scourge.  They also
> encouraged ecological diversity of the heretofore fragile and endangered
> Yersinia pestis.  

Ring around the Rosie....

> Yea God!
> Got a rat?  Get a cat.  Splat.
> --

How many tracts?  Are any available on line?

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