Toxicological effects - coal smoke, ash and dust

William Ewald wewald at ibm.net
Mon Dec 22 11:59:33 EST 1997

Frank Bellingham wrote:
> Is anyone able to supply me information relating to the effects of
> prolonged exposure to coal smoke, dust and ash (both the latter in very
> fine particle form).
> After a period of four years inhaling and generally being exposed to
> fumes etc. from a faulty fireplace and flue in a living room I would
> dearly like to know the poisons to which I have been subjected.

     Are you or were you a smoker? That would make a difference. My
humble suggestion would be that you have your physician give you a
lung-function test with a spirometer, and start from there.

> I understand that coal fires can be every bit as lethal as a gas fire if
> flues etc. are faulty.

    Not in this case, thank goodness. Has the ventilation problem been

> Any help would be much appreciated,

    Reply with your postal address, and I can send you specific
toxicological information. 

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