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Alfred Zimmerlin Alfred.Zimmerlin at fmi.ch
Mon Feb 10 07:47:22 EST 1997

Eli Hestermann wrote:
> The new P450 newsgroup hasn't shown up on my news server.  Is it up yet?
> Thanks
> Eli
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> Eli V. Hestermann
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> Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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It is operational since end of january, the archive is at http://www.bio.net/hypermail/P450/.
If your newsgroup manager hasn't installed it you should mail him.
The full instructions are in the "The P450/bionet.molecules.p450 newsgroup is ready" message.

Here is a resume:
>All BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups are now accessible via the World Wide
>Web.  Please go to URL http://www.bio.net and click on the "Access the
>BIOSCI/bionet Newsgroups" option and then click on the
>P450/bionet.molecules.p450 hyperlink.  You can read, reply to, or post
>new messages through our Web site if your Web browser is configured
>properly to send e-mail.
>If you prefer to use your local USENET newsreader, PLEASE NOTE that
>many USENET sites do not allow automatic creation of new USENET
>groups!!!  If you do not see bionet.molecules.p450 in your newsreader
>within another day or two, ask your news system administrator to act
>on our "newgroup" message to enable the group at your site.  We have
>already done several tests and are certain that the group is currently
>propagating around the network.  If he/she can not find the newsgroup
>message, have them retrieve the bionet checkgroups message from URL
>This file contains the latest list of bionet USENET newsgroups and can
>be used to update your bionet distribution.  If the newgroup did not
>arrive at your site, it may also be necessary for your news
>administrator to contact the upstream computer site providing you with
>your newsfeed and determine if they acted on the newgroup message.

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