TO Mr. James Stanton <jstanton@sph.unc.edu>

Archawit Sriburoot u0737234 at KANATE.SU.AC.TH
Tue Feb 11 06:51:24 EST 1997

    To Mr. J. Stanton
        This mail I send to you to make sure that you have received my mail
   and tell you I'm waiting for you help sir.  
        Mr. Stanton do you ever seen the homepage of Dept. of Safty Science
 (Apply Science) of The UNSW Australia ?  This home page were of Dr.Markovic
  and say about the IN VITRO toxicity test  sir.
        please let me know if you receive my mail  .
                                             thank you 
P.S  I send this mail to the Toxicol mailing list becouse i think this 
may be use full to another 
   execute me if you mind  please let me know sir .

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