Neurotoxicants: short-term, high level vs. long-term lower level exposures

mde-tox at TAB.COM mde-tox at TAB.COM
Fri Feb 14 13:21:55 EST 1997

Does anyone on the list have some literature citations or personal
experience in evaluating the neurotoxic effects of chemicals (solvents,
mostly, but others as well) for short-term vs. long-term exposure regimens?  

I have one article on methylene chloride in rats or mice which showed that
the short-term, high-level exposures caused greater effects for the same
total dose.  Does anyone have any other articles or experiences to share in
this area?

Many thanks,

Dr. Thomas Musta-Dydek, PhD, DABT, PE
Environmental Toxicologist

P.S.  I am also sending this to the occupational list and experts list, so
please forgive the multiple posts.

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