oxygen line pollution

Jean-Philippe Grivet grivet at cnrs-orleans.fr
Wed Feb 19 04:38:14 EST 1997


I have a request for information, on behalf of my wife, who is an
anaesthesiologist with the city hospital, here in Orléans, France. If
this is not the right newsgroup, could you please direct me to the
correct one?

The information concerns the following problem:

Last week, during a routine check, some small teflon particles where
found to have collected on a filter connected along an oxygen supply
line in an operationg room. The probable cause was that a maintenance
worker had detected a leak up the same pipe and had mended the faulty
joint with a teflon-based grease. The fluid part of the grease has
apparently evaporated, leaving teflon particles free to drift along the

Has anybody out there encountered a similar problem?
Is anything known about the possible toxic effects of inhaled teflon
Is there an established cleansing protocol in such a case?

Thank you for any help  or pointers to answers. Please reply to my
e-mail address, as I don't read this group too often.

grivet at cnrs-orleans.fr

J.P. Grivet, Université d'Orléans

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