"mystery Illness"

Natalia Chorew natalia at YOURNET.COM
Wed Feb 19 05:27:17 EST 1997

On January 31.1997 50 children in Jasper Arkansas were sruck down in 
their school by a "mystery illness" To date no information has been 
released by whatever "officials" have been of the scene. The local 
health dept. has deemed the school and classes have resumed. Several 
parents walked around the school and park next door and found evidence 
of herbicide spraying and burning. Also it was determined that Aluminum 
siding was burned at 3 burn sites in the park. We would like to know as 
a growing group of concerened parents who we can contact to force these 
so called " officials" to release their information. They found 2 
unknown compounds in fluid samples taken from several children. We know 
there are no such thing as unknown compounds. 
Natalia Chorew

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