DDE, DDT and 3-methylpentane

John Fry fryday at perigee.net
Fri Jul 4 09:31:45 EST 1997

I have been told that it is impossible to to arrive at
an amount of DDT, DDE and 3-methylpentane that would
cause a individual to have the following levels in their body.
DDT: 1.0 ppb, DDE: 53.1 ppb and 3-methylpentane: 23.4.
The standard deviation for each of the above compounds are
as follows: DDT: 0.4 ppb, DDE: 3.2 ppb and 3-methylpentane :
13.5 ppb. This individuals has been told by specialist that these levels

are some of the highest they have seen in the U.S.  They have said it
have been a vast amount, but they can't or won't guess at the amount.
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Please respond
by private e-mail.
Thank you,
John L. Fry
1001 E. WT Harris Blvd. Suite P-233
Charlotte, NC 28213

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