reply from Biosci/Bionet administration regarding inappropriate postings to news groups

Chuck Miller rellim at MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU
Mon Jul 7 09:34:19 EST 1997

>  We too are deeply offended by the pornographic and commercial spam
>that is being directed at our biosci newsgroups. We have been advised
>that it is almost impossible to accurately trace down the culprits,
>and that sending addresses are easy to forge. We are pursuing two
>antidotes: first, we are rapidly changing as many of our newsgroups as
>we can from unmoderated to moderated groups, dependent only on finding
>volunteer moderators; and second, we are devloping anti-spam software
>to automatically filter out offending mail messages before they can be
>posted. We expect both of these measures, which can work in
>combination, to start to take effect within several weeks.  In the
>meantime, I hope you will bear with us.
>Serge Taylor
>Biosci Project Manager, Stanford University

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