Toxicity of spider venom?

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A posting on behalf of a friend......

  I need to do some reading on american spiders. This is in
  reference to a fellow who had a reaction which included
  paresthesias and hallucinations after being bitten by a
  unknown insect in the dark. Besides the neurological symptoms
  he also became hyponatremic and his doctors told him that all these
  clinical problems were diagnostic of a spider bite.

  Since he didn't develop a necrotic lesion around the bite
  area ( he claimed he felt a sting on his shoulder), we can
  eliminate the brown recluse. I suppose the only other spider
  that could possibly cause major clinical symptoms would be the
  black widow.

  Where may I read about the mode of action of the venom, etc?
  In particular about neurological reactions if any? He was also
  told he had a residual neuropathy due to the neurotoxic
  effect of the venom.

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