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>Have you ever heard of a substance that can kill through eye contact? I

I think we (the news group) are in need of many more details before we can
come to resonable conclusions regarding the toxicity of Epilink 700.

>Our company is currently developing a waterbased 2-component coating, in
>which one of the two component contains "Epilink 700"; an emulsion of an
>amino-functional adduct having a high molecular weight. (The other
>component contains an epoxy-functional polymer. If both components are
>mixed they react, and form a high-performance coating.)

What is the actual chemical name or structure of these two components? Is
the mixture applied in the eye test? Do the individual compounds display
any ocular toxicity?
>We recently received information from the Epilink-supplier that this
>substance is lethal to both rabbits and rats if applied to their eyes, in a
>standard eye irritation test, even in a 10% dillution. Animals all die
>within the hour, even if eyes are washed out after 1 minut of exposure. The
>substance appears not to be toxic through the more general routes of enty
>into the body (skin,ingestion,inhalation), and is not even classified as a
>skin irritant.

Do the animals exhibit any signs or symptoms prior to death that could
indicate a mechanism (e.g. convulsions, perhaps indicating neurotoxicity)?
What solvent is used to administer the compound(s)? Could the solvent be
interacting with the Epilink? Is the solvent used in the ocular studies the
same as that used in testing other routes of exposure?

>What could be the mechanism?

My off-the-cuff guesses given the current information would be a neurotoxic
mechanism or some sort of metabolic poisoning that preferentially affects
the brain/CNS since the animals die so quickly.

> Are there any substances with similar

> Would it be lethal to humans?

We wouldn't really want to learn the answer to this one---but I would guess

Is someone doing research on this
>Kind regards,
>Wilco Schreurs, Ir.
>Molecular Scientist

Please post any further ideas or results of further tox. studies so that we
may learn the answer to this puzzling toxicity.

Best of luck,


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