Tea tree oil Toxicity

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Mon May 5 12:43:02 EST 1997

By our HPLC analysis _all_ the main actives are terpene based --
unsaturated hydrocarbons. They are the active ingredient in tea tree oil. 
De-terpined tea tree oil is useless with out them -- there is no
antimicrobial efficacy without them.  All of the molecules look like
turpentine-terpines.  That's how I associates tea tree oil i.e. with

The smell of tea tree oil is much worse than turpentine.  I'll admit that
difference.  Does the alpha-pinene occur in tea tree oil?  I can't

There is no known toxicity with tea tree oil (as far as I know) and there
_is_ toxicity with turpentine and some terpines, so there _must_ be some
differences.  I just don't think tea tree oil is proven _safe_ for
in-mouth and leave-on product applications.  

That is the reason I bring up my objections for mouthwash.  This is based
partly on the high terpine content of tea tree oil, like turpentine. This
is for good reason.  For a wash off product tea tree oil might be ok, but
a solvent (hydrocarbons) that penetrates the skin is a safety concern. 
Tea tree oil penetrates the skin and may enter the blood stream.  Has
anyone shown the affect of the hydrocarbon after it enters the body? For
instance, DMSO is a problem because it can carry toxins in with its self.

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May 5, 1997
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