mckellar at info1.co.za mckellar at info1.co.za
Tue May 6 11:23:47 EST 1997

I am at present busy investigating the extraction of nicotine from tabaco 
meerly for interest sake. All the info in the lib are rather insuffisient for 
use and I would like any knowledgeble persons to please respond. I did think 
of using ether but in the prosess I would be extracting all of the tar as 

Secondly a very hypothetical question.  It is possible to desolve up to 70% 
oxigen in certain cfc's and subsequently being able te breath this liquid.
Is it not possible to use the function to desolve the tar resedue left in the 
lungs by years of smoking tabaco, and thus minimize the occurence of 


{I am well aware that my spelling may be a bit stupid at times but I do give} 
{you my word that I am not as dumb as my spelling would suggest;)}

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