Super Heroes Descend upon Monsanto, Novarits et al

Agent Orange anon at globalnet.co.uk
Fri May 23 09:51:48 EST 1997

		Super Heroes Against Genetix
		World Awaits Annoucement From President


Following the dare-devil deeds of the Super Heroes Against Genetix in
recent weeks our Heroes would like to announce the launch of their own
website. World leaders wait nervously.The sites main sections give
in-depth details about the current debate - the players involved, others
areas where you can make your voice heard, accounts of previous actions
and best of all the X-Files. These are 'borrowed' details that have
fallen into the Super Heroes magnetic hands and due to their public
importance have been published online -  Captain Chromosome, self styled
lesser leader of the group said: 

"The people deserve to know, the people must be informed, the people
want the information and we are here to help."


The group (Captain Chromosome, Agent Orange, The Sage and Onion Man,
Gene Diva and Unhappy Eater) have banded together after being informed
by the good citizens of Planet Earth that there were multinational
corporations flying in the face of public opinion and plying their wares
of genetically engineered produce on an unsuspecting world.


Gene Diva had this to say: 

"We couldn't just stand around and watch  bullies force genetically
engineered produce on the public - without labelling, without warnings,
without so much of a how do you do! These dastardly devils are no match
for our super-human abilities."

Sage and Onion Man informed us: 

"Following an inter-galactic emergency call more Super Heroes are on
their way as we speak."


To date the Super Heroes have swooped upon the UK Headquarters of
Monsanto, the Soya Bean Information Centre, a UK government conference
on biotechnology and several superstores throughout the land. Details of
all of these are now available online to anyone with Internet access
anywhere in the world.


The S.H.A.G. site is designed to be friendly and accessible. Whilst
laying out the arguments surrounding the Genetix issues it also has a
more direct value containing campaign techniques, press releases and
incisive details of the main genetix protagonists. Viewers are given the
opportunity to enter the Theatre of Genetix Forum, a space where super,
sub and ordinary humans can go and make their opinion heard.


Agent Orange commented: "It is necessary to get people talking, to get
opinions out in the open. Only then can people become fully informed -
at the moment there is little awareness about the issues and the Forum
will serve to make all comments and all voices heard."As the Super
Heroes are presently not on planet Earth (Super Hero conference in the
Altar system) anyone requiring further information concerning
genetically egineered foods and the issues surrounding genetix should
contact one of the following:

	Women’s Environmental Network
	87 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2BE, UK
	Tel: 0171 354 8823

	Greenpeace Int
	Canonbury Villas, Islington, London N1 2PN 
	Tel: 0171 865 8100

	Earth First!
	c/o Manchester EF!, Dept 29, 1 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1HW 
	Tel: 0161 224 4846	


The Soya Bean Information Centre (as funded by Monsanto)  was set up to:

	"to argue that blanket labelling does not give consumers useful 
information about GM soya"
	[ Soya Bean Information Centre internal memo ]

In Monsanto’s ‘Response to Misinformation’ they claim of another one of
their famous products:

	"no significant adverse health effects can be associated with 	Agent
	[‘Response to Misinformation’ Internal directive]

The Soya Bean Information Centre handles calls from the public, of 228
calls made from January to March 1997:

	"There were no positive calls."

The opinion of those who advocate genetically egineered produce can be
understood when they state:

	"If, next year, products are to be labelled ‘may contain 	genetically
modified soya’, we must not look as though we have 	had to back down."
	[Soya Bean Information Centre internal memo]

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