Cytochrome P450

Rohan H. Wickramasinghe rohan at ites.ac.lk
Sat Oct 11 06:57:28 EST 1997

Some time back we presented hypotheses relating to the origins
of cytochrome P450 and its early activities. We would be most
grateful for information as to whether there has been any
support (or otherwise) of these hypotheses, especially in
conference proceedings, books etc. The relevant references

1. "Early role during chemical evolution for cytochrome P450
   in oxygen detoxification", NATURE 256(1975)509-511,

2. "Possible origin of cytochrome P450 in the Early
   Precambrian", Abstracts, Second College Park Colloquium on
   Chemical Evolution, University of Maryland, 29 October to
   1 November 1975, p.41, and

3. "Possible similar role of cytochrome P450 in primordial
   evolution of species and in chemical carcinogenesis",

Thank you.

Rohan H. Wickramasinghe
Institute for Tropical Environmental Studies,
41 Flower Road,
Colombo 7,
Sri Lanka

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