HFC-134a in Cars - Can it make you Crash?

Hugh Easton hugh at daflight.demon.co.uk
Mon Oct 13 15:55:42 EST 1997

On 1 Oct 1997 20:56:53 +1000, ian at ilm.mech.unsw.edu.au (Ian
Maclaine-cross) wrote:

(comments about recent research indicating that HFC-134a and related
refridgerants are highly toxic)

Aren't chemicals  like this supposed to be tested on animals before
being licenced for use in situations where people might be exposed to
them? It sounds like Dupont and the EPA have perpetrated a massive
fraud, banning the use of cheap, nontoxic, and environmentally
friendly hydrocarbons in favour of these noxious poisons. 

Hugh Easton

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