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Three recent NVDA's have seen Ireland made totally GE-free, a key
Monsanto test-site near Coventry wrecked and five naked protestors take
to the skies at the offices of Monsanto's advertising monkeys in central

It has been a terrible couple of months for Monsanto and the GMO
corporations - lets make sure it stays that way.

The Irish action has ensured that no GMO's will be produced there for
the immediate and medium term and the cost to Monsanto has been
estimated at £1million. Patricia McKenna (Irish MEP) gave unexpected but
welcome support to the action, saying:

"If Monsanto, which was carrying out the beet trials, and the
Environmental Protection Agency, which licensed the trials, insist on
playing games with the Irish environment, then fair play to those who
challenge them through peaceful direct action."

The action has caused somethign of a stir in Ireland and elevated the
discussion about GMO's to a new and potentially beneficial level.
Monsanto are to the say the least not amused.

Equally, the Coventry action has shown Monsanto that it will not get its
own way in the UK. There is still little understood or discussed
concerning GMO's in the UK and the Coventry action has surely kept the
issue alive.

The Gloabl Days of Action which began on the 9th October 1997 have seen
worldwide actions against GMO's and the multinationals that are psuhing

One such action saw five campaigners against genetic engineering spend
three hours naked on a company roof in London on Tuesday 7 October, in
order to expose what they called the "cover-up" of genetically modified

The protesters, who included a mother of three, a songwriter and an
organic farmer, braved strong winds and low temperatures to hold a
banner reading 'Expose the Genetix Cover-up' on the Soho roof of
advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

The agency was contracted a month by the US-based biotechnology
multinational Monsanto to run a four-month project to look at consumers'
perceptions of biotechnology and to investigate "how to get the facts
across most effectively" in the face of strong opposition from

The reports also carry photos of the actions.

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