HFC-134a in Cars - Can it make you Crash?

altavoz altavo19 at mail.idt.net
Fri Oct 17 10:06:01 EST 1997

 What do you mean which component in gas !!! The component
that makes up the 95% !! The gasoline ! The branched C-8 >
C-12 ........DUH ! 
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altavoz wrote:
> altavoz
> Gasoline is not toxic , it is inert , most alkanes are .
> The additives are toxic .
What component is not toxic in Gasoline, the Benzene, the Xylene, 

Naptha may be primarly a mixture of alkanes, but reforming and
isomerization both great a fair number of toxins.

FYI,  Hexane is reckonized toxin.

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